Workshop - Adelaide



One day Idea knocked on the door of my mind. She introduced herself and asked me to give her essence a form clad in onyx, silver, pearls, and crystals. Sadly, Time was not there, so I invited Idea to stay in the guest room, upstairs. She remained there for nearly a year, waiting patiently to take on a beautiful form. At last, Time came to visit again, and we seized the opportunity to make the beauty real. We talked and wove, beaded, and strung. Idea emerged a lady of noble stature and countenance, graceful in all her ways, and she took a name for herself: Adelaide.

Make Adelaide by encasing a gemstone cabochon. Weave beaded lace with a crystal center and pearl accents. Dangle her from a beaded bezel and a gemstone chain.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Peyote with step up. Netting and right angle weave.

Skill level: Intermediate


Workshop length: 1 day workshop

I prefer to use natural stone cabochon. This version is jade. There are so many interesting color choices!


Contact Lanai for information about scheduling a workshop for Adelaide.