Workshop - Acorn and Oak Leaves



Learn to make acorns, oak leaves, a beaded bezel, and a twisted herringbone chain. You will combine your skills, learn advanced skills in brick, tubular peyote, and tubular herringbone. This class will be taught over 2 Saturdays, working on two elements each day.

Prerequisites: Beader must have skills in tubular herringbone, tubular peyote (true tubular peyote, not the zip-it-up kind), and brick stitch.

Skill level: Advanced

Acorn and Oak Leaves

Workshop length: Two Day Workshop

The lobes on the leaves are structured in a way that forces them to bend out instead of protruding straight down. This adds shape and a natural feel to the leaves.


Contact Lanai for information about scheduling a workshop for Acorn and Oak Leaves.