About Lanai Kinsky

Lanai Kinsky studied art in New Mexico and primarily expressed her artistic interest through oil paint, and sold her work locally. She was later introduced to beading as an artistic expression by Margo Field. Beading began to take a more prominent place in her endeavors. Desiring to share her passion for beading she developed her own work and began to teach and sell her kits.

Lanai has been published in Beadwork Magazine in the Feb/Mar 2009, Oct/Nov 2010, and Apr/May 2015 editions, Perlin Posie December 2012, 2009 Best Stitches by Beadwork Magazine, and Beadworks 10 Favorite Beaded Earrings, 2013.


Lanai (second from left) with her family
at Multnomah Falls, Oregon.